What is a Supplier Supported Video Program?

Through our highly experienced design team, we are able to create a corporate video that highlights your company’s capabilities, history, accomplishments and most importantly….why someone should do business with you. The vendors/partners that you work with become a key member of this process…thus presenting the entire picture to your customer.

This project is based solely on the support from your partners that you work with, so there is no direct cost to you.
District Video will create the narration, graphics and video content for the project; however the client has full editorial control of the final design.
We will design your video to fit into a frame on your current website or as a pop-up.

How does this benefit your business?

There are many advantages and benefits to our Supplier Supported Program. Your new corporate video can assist your company in attracting new business, encourage customer loyalty, target new markets, renew interest from former clients, introduce new product lines, showcase your capabilities, enhance your company’s image and creditability and increase referral business.

How does this benefit your vendors/suppliers partners?

Their key focus is to grow their business, introduce new products and stay competitive in their markets. Through Supplier Supported with your company, they increase their business. Your company is their key to success.